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ANet is a nonprofit dedicated to the premise that every child in America deserves an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. We pursue our vision of educational equality in America by helping schools boost student learning with great teaching that is grounded in standards, informed by data, and built on the successful practices of educators around the country.

5 reasons to attend Common Core Boot Camp

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As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, our primary concern is helping ensure equitable opportunity for all students.

Working alongside schools, we’ve learned that great teaching is grounded in standards, data, and insights shared among educators. We believe a blog can help us make a difference by spreading the ideas and effective practices of educators we work with.

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5 reasons to attend Common Core Boot Camp

Becky Frutos

Last year, a terrific group of educators joined us at Common Core Boot Camp. They enjoyed learning together, collaborating, and pushing each other’s thinking on standards-aligned practices. Here are five reasons why you should attend this summer!

1. Educators who attended are seeing instructional change.

The best part of Common Core Boot Camp happens after it ends. Attendees bring back new insights and practices that impacted their instruction.

“We saw a change in our teachers who attended Boot Camp. They were able to plan more easily, without pulling their hair out. They know how to dig into a standard. They know what to plan from, what to plan for.”

—School leader at David Ellis Academy

You can get results like these at your school, too. 

2. Do it for yourself, so you can approach next year confident and refreshed.

K-12 educators are as likely to make “New Year's resolutions” in August as January. But like all resolutions, achieving our personal and professional goals sometimes requires help from experts. 

Fitness boot camps can help with your health goals. ANet’s Common Core Boot Camp will help you meet your professional goals. You’ll finally master the standards, get a jump start on your planning, and approach the year with more confidence and calm than ever before. 

3. It’s the fastest way to master the standards.

You could spend years studying the complexity and nuance of the Common Core—reading random articles and books, saving collections of web links, participating in one PD session after another (and forgetting most of what you learn between these scattered moments of focus).

But wouldn’t you rather do it the fast and thorough way? Wouldn’t it be more effective to devote a solid chunk of time to a coherent exploration of the standards alongside peers and experts? 

Give us three days and we’ll guide you to a full understanding of the breadth and depth of the Common Core.

4. Save your regular PD time for adapting instructional practices for your students needs, not going over the basics of the standards.

When you start off comfortable with the standards, you can focus your energy during the school year on PD that boosts student outcomes. Rather than “unpacking” the same standards yet again, you can look at student work, share tactics among colleagues, and target instruction for your students.

“We had some knowledge about the Common Core State Standards and we knew we needed to get better, but there are so many things going on during the school year. Boot Camp gave us the time to do a deep dive into understanding the CCSS that we weren’t able to provide to our teachers.”

—2016 Boot Camp attendee

5. Kids love summer camp. You will, too.

Connect with other educators for a fun and collaborative learning experience. Common Core Boot Camp is an energizing event, attended by people who care about students as much as you do. You’ll share stories and ideas, learn from colleagues and our experts, and recharge your batteries for the new school year. Not to mention exploring Detroit, which is a wonderful place to visit.

 “Boot Camp was so important for our teachers. Sending them made it clear how much we valued this learning. It showed that we are investing in them…We believe in them and in the importance of doing this.”

—2016 Boot Camp attendee

Ready to experience this unique event? Register now to save your spot this summer.

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