Tools + Assessments

For Learning, Not Evaluating

To improve student learning, teachers and leaders need to know what students haven’t learned and why. As part of our integrated model for building schools’ capacity to use data to shape instruction, ANet builds interim assessments that generate timely, meaningful student learning data. In other words, these are assessments for learning, not assessments of learning.

Our assessments help teachers understand which standards students are mastering and which ones they aren’t. But our data aren’t binary. They don’t capture only right and wrong - they provide information about which students are struggling, with what, and why. These results give educators timely, actionable, and student-specific data.

Quick facts about ANet interim assessments:

  • Partner schools administer four ANet-developed formative assessments over the course of the year in grades 2-8 in ELA and math.
  • Results of these assessments are delivered within 48 hours through data reports our online platform, myANet.
  • Each of our assessments tests recently material taught and can be administered during one regular classroom period.
  • ANet’s assessment items are written in-house; they are aligned to state and Common Core standards in accordance with the relevant state’s Common Core transition plan.

These specific, targeted data are powerful tools teachers can use to help and empower each of their students. Of course, schools also need robust structures and routines to make the best use of those tools. We help schools develop those practices, as well.

Assessment + the Common Core

There is still much about the Common Core that is being developed and decided. We understand that this adds a layer of complexity and anxiety for schools. It’s not simple to plan for an uncertain future, or to align goals and instruction to an evolving set of standards.

ANet’s team closely tracks the development of the Common Core to help our partners stay informed. We work closely with leading Common Core experts, such as PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and EngageNY, to continue align our assessments and stay on top of the latest resources.

It’s not possible to be fully aligned with a moving target, but it is possible to plan for change to develop robust practices that give a school the strength and flexibility necessary to a successful transition to these rigorous standards. We customize our assessments so schools can pace their alignment, maintaining rigor and high expectations while providing a scaffolded transition to ease this complex period of change.

Our Platform - myANet

ANet’s data reports and instructional resources are available through our online platform, myANet. Assessment data is available 48 hours after administration. MyANet organizes a wealth of information to accommodate basic and experienced users, slicing and displaying data for easy analysis.

Alongside our data, myANet also connects educators with instructional resources - all of which we curate to make sure they're useful, practical, and aligned to assessed concepts and skills. Lesson and plans that focus on content that needs to be retaught help our partners turn their data into concrete action in the classroom. Assessment items and standards guides that unpack standards help schools develop specific and consistent expectations for their students. And having it all in one place saves them time.