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If we give educators the resources they need to meet the evolving education landscape, we can rise to this moment of change. Assessments are the way to do it—if we honor and reexamine their purpose and their power. 

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ANET Assessment FAQ

ANet Assessment Questions

We believe in formative, flexible, reflective assessments that give teachers actionable, real-time data. Explore commonly asked questions about our ANet assessments as you consider using our products and services. 

  • The data generated from ANet assessments are intended to help inform classroom level decisions. 

    • Teachers can use the actual assessments materials themselves - like the schedule of assessed standards (SAS) and assessment forms - to inform their planning ahead of instruction.   
    • The data from the assessments can help illuminate where students are successful or are still developing understanding of grade-level concepts in an independent setting. 
    • Reviewing distractors and student work can support more specific conclusions on where misconceptions are stemming from.  Data can also be examined to reflect on how best to support ALL students to reach grade level expectations.  
    • Conclusions on what to do next in instruction can be especially powerful when paired with other formative information, like how students have done in curriculum-embedded assessments or daily checks for understanding.  

Curriculum Support

Which Curricula do ANet Interims Support?

Our instructional product features standards-aligned, culturally relevant item questions synced with our innovative resource and data tool, myANet. Click to explore just a few of the high-quality curriculums our assessments can support. 

Kendall Hunt Illustrative Math

Together, ANet interims and Kendall Hunt IM's assessments can help teachers adapt instruction in response to both recently taught material and material retained over a longer period of time.

Wit & Wisdom ELA

ANet interims with the Wit & Wisdom curriculum-embedded assessments can give teachers across a spectrum of experience an efficient and easy way to gauge student performance.

Eureka Math Squared

ANet interim assessments are compatible with Eureka Math Squared sequencing, and provide educators data and reports based on students learning.


ANet offers interims in grades 2-8 that are compatible and complementary to the curricular units in terms of the sequence of passage genres and writing standards over the year for both components of HMH ELA, Into Reading for grades K-6 and Into Literature for grades 7-12.

Desmos Math 6 - A1

ANet offers interims in Grade 6 through Algebra I that are closely aligned to the sequencing of the Desmos Math 6 - A1 curriculum.

Savvas ELA

ANet interims provide an additional opportunity for students to practice reading comprehension on topics that they may not be familiar with; this is what is expected of them in not only summatives, but more importantly, in life.

EngageNY/Eureka Math

ANet's reporting gives educators using EngageNY/Eureka Math insights into student response patterns.

Core Knowledge (CKLA) ELA

ANet interims help create a more holistic view of where your students are at with an efficient and objective pulse on student proficiency.

enVisions Math

ANet interims can help teachers adapt instruction in response to both recently taught material and material retained over a longer period of time.

American Reading Company (ARC) ELA

As seen in the pre/mid/post assessment in each unit, the key question is similar across grades. These questions remain the same within the entire unit, which does not adequately distinguish the demands of each grade level's standards and do not offer a breadth of coverage of the standards.

k12 Curriculum Support

Math & ELA Curriculum Assessment Support

The Achievement Network coaches and instructional products enhance your high-quality curriculum, helping educators monitor student progress with actionable data. 

  • Teachers and school leaders need actionable data that clearly shows what each student, class, and grade has learned and can demonstrate relative to what has been taught, and where there are still areas to address. ANet curriculum-compatible interim assessments are designed to make teaching easier by helping you see your students more clearly by illuminating trends in individual, class and grade-level learning. Our assessments complement the curricula’s existing daily and unit-level assessments to provide every educator with a comprehensive opportunity to check student progress toward mastery of the major work of their grade.

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how to improve instructional practices

What data can I see?

We created myANet to empower educators to make instructional changes grounded in equity and equip teachers with a tool that works throughout the teaching and learning cycle. The myANet platform allows school leaders to aggregate data by a variety of groups, including: data meeting reports by math and ELA; individual student performance; school performance over time by grade, teacher, student; and more. Sign-up to get a demo of myANet and explore our tools and resources!

k12 Assessment Resources

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