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ANet is a nonprofit dedicated to the premise that every child in America deserves an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. We pursue our vision of educational equality in America by helping schools boost student learning with great teaching that is grounded in standards, informed by data, and built on the successful practices of educators around the country.

Instructional Leadership


Instructional leadership is both science and art. Here are some ideas and inspiration.


A day in the life of an instructional coach

Raleigh Egypt Middle/High School jumped to the top school rating in just one year! It took dedication and a passion for equity from the principal, teachers, and their ANet coach.


Why leader learning matters

As a school leader, you can get so focused on student learning that you overlook your own learning. But there is a direct connection between leader learning and teachers’ and students’ ability to succeed.


Principals reimagine data as compass, not report card

For two principals, data isn’t for accountability: it’s a compass that guides them through planning, instruction, and reflection. But how do these leaders apply data as a year-round instructional driver instead of just a report card?


Learning walk helps leaders plan for progress

Educators who joined ANet Minnesota’s Learning Walk this spring found that observing high-performing schools helped them translate abstract ideas into concrete plans.


A powerful observation process you can adopt

We co-developed the process with Kimberly Steadman, the CAO of Edward Brooke, and the team from EngageNY. Here are some ideas for how you can replicate its approach in your own system or school!


Tench Tilghman’s strong community gets students talking

Students first. Growth mindset. Innovative thinking. Collaboration. Strong relationship building. These ideas drive student achievement at Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City, Maryland.


“Our Assessment Plan Needs an Overhaul!” 3 Keys to a Smart Assessment Strategy

A thoughtful, balanced assessment strategy is about more than just testing: it’s about creating better experiences for our teachers and students.


Distributing leadership across your team

Strategies to assemble and support a great instructional leadership team at your school (includes video).



The work of building great schools can’t be done alone. When we make it possible for everyone to contribute their best, great things happen for students.

We’ve collected lessons we’ve learned from hundreds of school leaders and teachers across the country, along with free tools and resources to implement these practices. Check out our Lessons from the Field to explore these resources, organized by our five focus areas for schools: Connect Standards to Instruction, Harness Data and Student Work, Commit to an Instructional Priority, Promote a Culture of Learning, and Develop Instructional Leadership Teams.


ANet coaching for school and district leaders

At ANet, we believe deeply in the power of coaching. Our coaches get to know partner schools well. They form strong relationships with leadership teams and help them become the instructional leaders they aspire to be.

Our partners rave about our coaches and their support.