Advancing Racial Equity

Racial Equity and Racial Healing

It takes more than just a focus on standards and data to create an engaging, joyful community where every student can thrive and knows they belong.

Equity Training for Educators

ANet's Anti-Racism Support

The institutional racism present in schools is both structural—including school and district policies, procedures, and practices—and relational— including adult and student mindsets, beliefs, and attitudes.

  • Traditional education reform focuses on treating the symptoms of inequity without addressing the root cause. Often, we rely on the “achievement gap” alone to inform strategy, resulting in short-term solutions that leave systemic racism in place. There are numerous school districts that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion work but lack the expertise to apply an anti-racism lens to their programming/instruction and internal processes which subsequently causes harm to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students and communities.

Racial Equity Training

ANet Anti-Racism Team

Both our internal and external work is led by our Anti-Racism and Culture Team, a racially and ethnically diverse coalition of educators who represent the communities we serve and have deep experience in community development.

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Advancing Racial Equity

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