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4 aspects to putting students first in instructional recovery

As schools return from COVID-19 closures, leaders are grappling with many questions. How can our district’s instructional recovery plan engage all students in rigorous academic content? What instructional materials are best for our students? How can we best address unfinished learning for the students most impacted by the pandemic? How can we make sure every child has access to high-quality, grade-level instruction in this “new normal”?

But the challenges leaders face are not totally new. Long before the pandemic, many students were routinely denied access to quality instruction. To bring excellent instruction to all students—especially those who have been systematically underserved—high-quality instructional materials will not be enough. Leaders must define a vision for equitable instruction and create a plan that puts this vision into action.

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Change is hard, especially at this time. Leaders must prioritize the best approach for their communities and honor their teams’ readiness and capacity for change. To help with these challenges, ANet has created a tool for leader reflection across four dimensions. Grounded in ANet’s belief in anti-racist, equitable education, the tool offers steps leaders can take right now to prepare for instructional recovery, putting students first.

Find our leader reflection tool here.

Upcoming ANet Webinar: Four dimensions of instructional materials that put students first

As school districts plan for the "new normal" in the fall, we have an opportunity to reimagine more equitable systems that address the underlying issues of racism and marginalization in our schools. A key lever in realizing educational equity is high-quality instructional materials. Join us as we outline four key dimensions of instructional materials that district and school leaders should consider as they plan for 2020-21. Each dimension will include multiple paths for planning depending on district and school levels of readiness.

Thursday, June 25, at 4 PM Eastern
Register here, or copy and past this link directly:

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