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Building instructional leadership capacity

Good instructional leaders do not necessarily need to be experts on all things educational; rather, they must be reflective enough to take notice of their own gaps in knowledge as a leader and adept at recognizing the unique strengths and talents of those around them so as to lift up those skills to the benefit of the collective. When instructional leaders are able to capitalize on the very best parts of every single member of their team, they find themselves able to go far, together, rather than fast, alone.

Below you will find a series of stories of impact, tools, and resources designed for educational leaders who may be looking to expand their capacity as an instructional leader both by identifying their own areas of growth and by best utilizing the unique strengths of those around them, from their colleagues to their ANet coaches.

How partnership with ANet is boosting instructional leadership capacity of teachers and leaders alike

A playground in front of Harmony D.C. Public Charter Schools, a school where instructional leaders are building their capacity through coaching and collaboration

The playground at Harmony D.C. Public Charter Schools

Teachers and leaders at one school have seen a boost in their instructional leadership capacity over the last few years, and it’s leading to gains for students.

ANet Toolkit logo, denoting tools and high-quality tools and resources to be shared for educators to boost their instructional capacity

Developing a distributive leadership model

Strong instructional leaders don’t exist in a vacuum–see how school leadership at The Belair-Edison School were able to use a distributive leadership model to put "the right people in the right places doing the work" and the impact it has had on their students.


Announcing ANet's newest additions to The Hub

Part of building leadership capacity is expanding your toolbox to tackle the demands of truly equitable instruction. Our Resource Hub is also expanding to help you develop your own knowledge and match the right resources with your priorities. Check out our free, curated collection of recommended tools, research, and books aligned to specialized areas of equitable instruction including Student Voice, Racial Equity & Healing, Multilingual Learners, Learning & Thinking Differences, and Whole Child & Social-Emotional Practices. Head to ANet's Resource Hub and navigate to the new Equity drop-down menu to check it out!

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