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ANet is a nonprofit dedicated to the premise that every child in America deserves an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. We pursue our vision of educational equality in America by helping schools boost student learning with great teaching that is grounded in standards, informed by data, and built on the successful practices of educators around the country.


School leaders

ANet’s tools and services are designed not to be another demand on your time, but to help you make the most effective use of that time.

How could anyone be expected to do all this work without Achievement Network?
— principal, NJ

Not just another initiative

School leaders have to juggle a daunting set of responsibilities. ANet’s tools and services are designed not to be another demand on a your time, but to help you make the most effective use of that time. We strive to make our work part of your school’s daily routine, to help you prioritize actions that will have the most positive impact, develop the capacity of your staff, and build a culture of achievement in your building.

Working with ANet helps you be the kind of leader you want to be: efficient, effective, focused on big goals, supportive of your staff as professionals, and fulfilling your commitment to provide all your students with opportunity in life.

What to expect

ANet Managing Director of New Partnerships Melissa Long discusses the power of coaching interactions based on our “Leader Levers.”

Every school faces different challenges, so our coaches listen first and collaborate second. Our coaches visit our partner schools around 20 times a year. Early in the year, they work with you to set goals for improvements in your school’s practices and your students’ performance.

To meet those goals, you and your coach work together to implement a strong teaching and learning cycle—including timely reviews of student achievement data from our interim assessments. These data meetings bring together educators from across your school to support each other, identify concepts that students are struggling to master, and develop plans to address those struggles. Your coach also helps you create structures for your staff to reflect on what re-instruction worked, why it worked, and what lessons can be carried forward.

We continue working with you throughout the year to improve and strengthen this cycle of planning, assessing, adapting, and reflecting—all anchored in your top priorities for the year.

Basing the process on robust data keeps it focused and concrete. Over time, consistent implementation of the teaching and learning cycle leads to improvement and clear, high expectations for everyone in your building.

Our network effect

The strength and breadth of ANet's network connects our partners with timesaving resources. We stay on top of important issues in the education landscape like shifts in the standards and provide practical guidance on adapting to these complex changes.

We provide relevant professional development opportunities that enable you to learn from other schools facing similar challenges. We discover and share effective practices and innovative ideas from educators throughout our network. And we curate instructional resources so teachers can easily access high-quality, standards-aligned materials.