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1 Beacon Street
Boston, MA, 02108
United States


ANet is a nonprofit dedicated to the premise that every child in America deserves an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. We pursue our vision of educational equality in America by helping schools boost student learning with great teaching that is grounded in standards, informed by data, and built on the successful practices of educators around the country.

District of Columbia

For more information about the ANet’s DC-area network, please contact Executive Director Ali Turro or call 202-888-7350.

District schools in the District of Columbia

  • Aiton Elementary
  • Amidon-Bowen Elementary School
  • Anacostia High School
  • Ballou High School
  • Ballou STAY
  • Bancroft Elementary School
  • Barnard Elementary School
  • Beers Elementary
  • Benjamin Banneker HS
  • Brent Elementary School
  • Brightwood Education Campus
  • Brookland Middle School
  • Browne EC
  • Bruce-Monroe Elementary School
  • Bunker Hill Elementary School
  • Burroughs Elementary
  • Burrville Elementary
  • C.W. Harris Elementary School
  • Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan
  • Cardozo Education Campus
  • Cleveland Elementary School
  • Columbia Heights Education Campus
  • Coolidge High School
  • DC Scholars - Stanton Elementary School
  • Deal Middle School
  • District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Dorothy I Height ES
  • Drew Elementary
  • Dunbar High School*
  • Eastern High School
  • Eaton Elementary
  • Eliot-Hine Ms
  • Ellington School of the Arts
  • Garfield Elementary
  • Garrison Elementary School
  • H.D. Cooke ES
  • H.D. Woodson HS
  • Hardy Middle School
  • Harriet Tubman Elementary School DC
  • Hart Middle School
  • Hearst Elementary
  • Hendley Elementary School
  • Houston Elementary School
  • Hyde-Addison Elementary School
  • Inspiring Youth Program
  • J.O. Wilson Elementary School
  • Janney Elementary School
  • Jefferson Middle School Academy*
  • Johnson Middle School
  • Kelly Miller Middle School*
  • Ketcham Elementary
  • Key Elementary
  • Kimball Elementary School
  • Kramer Ms
  • Lafayette Elementary School
  • Langdon Elementary
  • Langley Elementary
  • Lasalle-Backus Ec
  • Leckie Elementary School
  • Ludlow-Taylor Elementary
  • Luke Moore Alternative HS
  • MacFarland Middle School
  • Malcolm X Elementary
  • Mann Elementary School
  • Marie Reed Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King Elementary
  • Maury Elementary School
  • McKinley MS
  • McKinley Technology HS
  • Miner Elementary School
  • Moten Elementary School
  • Murch Elementary
  • Nalle Elementary
  • Noyes Elementary
  • Orr Elementary School
  • Oyster-Adams Elementary
  • Patterson Elementary
  • Payne Elementary School
  • Phelps High School
  • Plummer Elementary School
  • Powell Elementary School
  • Randle Highlands Elementary School
  • Raymond Education Campus
  • Ron Brown College Preparatory HS*
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Roosevelt Stay
  • Ross Elementary
  • Savoy Elementary School*
  • School Without Walls @ Francis Stevens
  • School Without Walls HS
  • School-Within-School @ Goding
  • Seaton Elementary
  • Shepherd Elementary
  • Simon Elementary
  • Smothers Elementary School
  • Sousa Middle School
  • Stanton Elementary School*
  • Stoddert Elementary
  • Stuart-Hobson Middle School
  • Takoma Education Campus
  • Thomas Elementary
  • Thomson Elementary
  • Truesdell Education Campus
  • Turner Elementary
  • Tyler Elementary School
  • Walker-Jones Education Campus
  • Washington Metropolitan HS
  • Watkins Elementary (Capital Hill Cluster)
  • West Education Campus
  • Wheatley Education Campus
  • Whittier Elementary
  • Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Youth Services Center

*In addition to receiving ANet tools and professional development, these schools also receive ANet coaching.

Charter schools in the District of Columbia

  • DC Prep Public Charter Schools
  • DC Preparatory Benning Elementary Campus
  • DC Preparatory Benning Middle Campus
  • DC Preparatory Edgewood Elementary Campus
  • DC Preparatory Edgewood Middle Campus
  • Bridges DC PCS
  • City Arts and Prep PCS
  • Creative Minds International PCS
  • Ingenuity Prep
  • Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Public Charter School
  • Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School
  • National Collegiate Preparatory
  • Somerset Preparatory Academy DC
  • Two Rivers Public Charter School
  • Washington Global PCS
  • KIPP DC - AIM Academy
  • KIPP DC - Heights Academy
  • KIPP DC - KEY Academy Middle School
  • KIPP DC - Lead Academy
  • KIPP DC - Northeast Academy
  • KIPP DC - Promise Academy
  • KIPP DC - Quest Academy
  • KIPP DC - Spring Academy
  • KIPP DC - Valor Academy
  • KIPP DC - WILL Academy
  • KIPP DC College Preparatory
  • KIPP DC The Learning Center
  • Paul PCS CMO
  • Paul PCS MS/HS
  • DC Scholars PCS

Ali Turro is the executive director of the ANet District of Columbia and Maryland networks. She and her team work alongside teachers and leaders at more than 200 schools across DC and Baltimore. Ali began her career in education as a bilingual teacher in Brownsville, Texas. Since then, she has served for more than a decade as a teacher, school leader, and leadership coach with ANet in district and charter school settings. Ali is a lifelong learner who is passionate about helping educators maximize their strengths and who believes that all children deserve the right to a high quality education. 

Ali is a native of Rutland, Vermont. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY and her Master of Public Service (MPS) degree from the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas.
 Members of the outstanding ANet District of Columbia team.

Members of the outstanding ANet District of Columbia team.