What is ANet?

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ANet, or the Achievement Network, is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding educational equity for all students. We work alongside leadership teams to support teachers’ use of standards and data to achieve breakthrough results for students.

What Does ANet Mean?

Achievement Network's Mission

Achievement Network, or ANet, provides actionable support to educators. For nearly 20 years, we’ve partnered with schools, districts, and systems to create classrooms where every student can thrive.

By Educators, For Educators

We provide leadership coaching, assessment and data tools, and implementation support designed to accelerate student learning.

Educational Equity for All

We are driven by our commitment to expanding educational equity for students from low-income backgrounds, students of color, and other underserved populations.

Leveraging and Sharing Data

Our reports and papers show others what we learn across our partner schools—in real-time. We collaborate with like-minded institutions around the nation to shape the future of teaching and learning.

Committed to Anti-Racism

For nearly a decade, we’ve been actively committed to anti-racism: dismantling systems of oppression by addressing structural, institutional, and interpersonal racism.

what does anet stand for?

Our Core Values

At ANet, we are committed to living out our core values across our organization and with our partners. We acknowledge that systemic inequities impact student access to opportunities and that in order to ensure educational equity for all students, we must center on the experiences of those from marginalized communities to guide our work. We work to deepen our understanding of how race, class, power and privilege influence the education system as well as influence our own perspectives. 

Our Leaders

Our senior team and board of directors boast decades of combined experience in the education space. Learn more about our leadership!

Osarugue “Michelle” Odemwingie

Chief Executive Officer

Amrutha Nagarajan

Chief Service Officer

Carter Romansky

Chief Strategy Officer

Kimberly Cockrell

External Affairs

Ian Scott

Chief Partnership Officer

Chris Rupprecht

Chief Product Officer

Molly Nacey

Chief Technology Officer

Madeline Brown

Chief of Staff

Alejandra Vela

Board Member

Brian Pick

Board Member

David Hardy

Board Member

John Maycock

Co-Founder, Board Member

Judy Elliott, Ph.D.

Board Member

Scott Wells

Board Chair

Soji N Adewumi

Board Member

Stephanie Wu

Board Member

Xuan Smith

Tech Strategy, Board Member

Osarugue “Michelle” Odemwingie

Chief Executive Officer

What is ANet?

ANet’s Theory of Action

Our theory of action is our path towards greater academic success and access to opportunity for students in under-served communities.

Best practices with your practices

Ensure enabling conditions are in place

We get to know schools well. If these conditions are missing, we help put them in place.

Our work promotes scalable impact

A coherent strategy that creates conditions of equity

Gain a coherent strategy that creates conditions of equity and achievement throughout a system. Through an integrated system of tools and training, ANet helps schools, districts, and systems boost student learning.

Build Leadership Practices

Strong Ecosystem for All

We help school leaders grow a strong ecosystem where everyone understands both the why and the how of equitable education. Getting all conditions in place, which can take 3-5 years, enables powerful instructional leadership.

Actionable Insights for Educators

Tools & Resources to Achieve Success

ANet’s tools, training, and resources help schools create a culture of collaboration, inquiry, and high expectations.

Focused on student success

Informed by data and student work

Rigorous, standards-aligned instruction informed by data and student work. Everything we do is designed to set teachers up for success.

student learning

The center of our vision is the student

Greater academic success and access to opportunity for students in under-served communities.

K-12 Education Consulting

Our Solutions

If you want to grow both equity and achievement in your school, district, or CMO, an ANet partnership can tailor a strategic integration of assessments, coaching, and tools that lead to breakthrough results for your students. We help leaders build a shared educational practice that is grounded in equity and creates access to an empowering education and the opportunities it provides.