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ANet is a nonprofit dedicated to the premise that every child in America deserves an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. We pursue our vision of educational equality in America by helping schools boost student learning with great teaching that is grounded in standards, informed by data, and built on the successful practices of educators around the country.


Everybody needs a coach

Our coaches, all former teachers and school leaders, learn about a school’s needs, priorities, and existing routines, then work with school leaders to strengthen practices from that starting point.

One and done is not enough

Every experienced educator has been through enough “one and done” PD sessions to know that, no matter how inspiring the presenter or how intriguing the ideas, they rarely lead to meaningful change. Assimilating new practices simply takes more than the available time and energy.

The training events and coaching have driven my practice forward greatly.
— Megan Reed, principal, MA

That’s why a key part of ANet’s partnership with schools is to provide a coach who works closely with school leaders throughout the year to support each school’s implementation of best practices with standards and data—in ways that fit into each school’s unique strengths and mission.

Our coaches, all former teachers and school leaders, are experts in data-driven practices and fluent in the use of ANet’s products and services. They learn about a school’s needs, priorities, and existing routines, then help school leaders strengthen habits and practices from that starting point.  

ANet coaches focus their support of school leaders on the skills and structures that research has shown to be critical to great schools:

  • Developing thoughtful systems and structures that give teachers time to plan, analyze data, and adapt instruction.

  • Increasing the effectiveness of existing instructional practices through the use of performance data and a deep understanding of common core standards.

  • Building leaders’ expertise on standards and data-driven practices.

  • Helping leadership teams distribute leadership and provide strong development to teachers in the use of standards and data.

This focus helps schools implement a strong “teaching and learning cycle” that accelerates the entire instructional process—from backwards planning from standards, to assessing student learning, analyzing data and student work, and adapting instruction and reflecting.  

Every school faces different challenges, so this looks different in every school. Based on the needs of each school, our coaches might provide the following types of support:

  • Sharing best practices drawn from across our network of 525 schools and determining how to incorporate those practices in the individual school.

  • Preparing together for data meetings where teachers analyze data from ANet interims, use items to deepen understanding of what is required of students, and adapt their instructional plans to better support student needs.

  • Evaluating ANet’s standards resources together (vertical progressions, objectives guides, performance tasks, aligned lessons) as well as resources within the school, and determining how best to leverage them to provide guidance and focus during teachers’ common planning time.

  • Reflect on what changed in student learning after teachers have adapted instruction, to define what changed and what worked so that teachers and school leaders can keep doing what’s working and continue to make informed improvements to areas of need.

  • Prioritize where to focus professional development opportunities based on specific staff needs.

Our coaches channel all of ANet's expertise to you in a way tailored to be most useful.


You deserve a partner who has your back. 

If you’d like to learn more about how ANet can help you reach your ambitious goals for your students, please click the button below to contact us. We will contact you to answer questions and discuss next steps.

The coaching impacts instruction across the school and has led to growth not only of teachers but of the instructional leadership team. Without this partnership our staff would not have the understanding of CCSS that it has currently.
— Alison Auerbach, principal, DC