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Empowering Teachers to Empower Students

We want teachers to feel empowered in the classroom, never micromanaged or judged. That's why our tools and resources are designed to give you actionable and timely insights to support your students learning.

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empowering teachers with tools and techniques

The Tools you Need, When You Need Them

We offer abundant, easy-to-use tools and resources that help you dig into the data and engage it to drive instructional change. From smartly designed templates and protocols, to explanatory videos, to research in specialized areas of equitable instruction, everything we offer is supported by useful tools that empower you to sustain implementation. 

  • The myANet platform helps you build expertise and opinions through data-driven instruction, giving you actionable data to incorporate in your planning. Intuitive tools, like our data meeting reports, give you the ability to analyze student work alongside standard expectations, common misconceptions and next steps - all in one easy-to-use platform! Confidence and clarity at your fingertips.
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The importance of empowering teachers

Supporting Teacher Agency

Teachers are the primary users of our resources, so we make sure our tools are tailored to them.

Empowering teachers

Educators who devote their professional lives to empowering young people deserve support that empowers them. Our job as partners is to assist each educator's desire to do what's best for students by equipping them with the tools, empowering them with insights and accelerating their work through high quality coaching. Creating authentically empowering learning environments revolves around supporting student and teacher agency.

Osarugue "Michelle" Odemwingie, ANet CEO

empowering teachers through professional development

Instructional Support for Every Student

Our tools and techniques work as well as they do because they're critically supported by our coaches. All former teachers and school leaders, our coaches, and our team of research specialists combine their extensive experience of instructional best practices with the most up-to-date research to curate resources that support teachers in meeting the needs of every student.

  • ANet’s Virtual Learning Modules are quick (30-45 dedicated minutes) online courses designed to support you on high-impact topics across math, literacy, and learning differences. They are aimed at helping you tackle foundational topics first, such as Building World Knowledge and Analyzing Student work in Math and increasingly specialized topics like Juicy Sentences and supporting students with Dyslexia.

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Teacher empowerment

See ANet Support In Action

ANet helps school, district, and CMO leaders set teachers up for success. Our coaches serve as thought partners and our myANet platform is a one-stop-shop for instructional needs; together, they unite instructional resources and best practices learned from experience to ensure that teachers are empowered to succeed in the classroom.