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ANet Family Reports help teachers engage parents in student academic success

Parents have taken on many aspects of the education process throughout the COVID-19 shutdown, but a gap exists between the level of communication parents want from schools and what they have received. Parent engagement systems, particularly in communities of color and those with income inequalities, have historically fallen short.

Schools that center on equity help bring parents alongside teachers as partners. They do not let a lack of access to technology to be used as an excuse for poor family engagement. We know parents need “bite sized,” concrete, and actionable information that allows them to help their children make academic progress.

Below, you’ll find examples of ANet family reports in math and ELA that show families the specific successes and challenges their child is facing. More importantly, these reports show ways the family can help the student tackle challenge areas, including free resources. These reports can be printed for families that don't have access to online technology, and they are available in both English and Spanish.

Sample math family report (in English)

Sample math family report (in Spanish)

Sample ELA family report (in English)

Sample ELA family report (in Spanish)

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