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ANet helps district leaders bring PD home from conference

The more you learn, the more your students will learn. This is the guiding principle that drew over 1,000 school leaders and teachers to UnboundEd’s Standards Institute this winter. Leaders and teachers absorbed five immersive days of professional learning, some of it facilitated by our ANet coaches.

This year, district leaders in Nye County, Nevada and Fort Dodge, Iowa returned home from the Institute inspired to implement some of what they learned. Sharing their enthusiasm was easy, but passing on the knowledge and understanding they gained felt like a monumental task. For support, they turned to ANet to create customized PD for their teams this summer.

In Fort Dodge’s Standards Bootcamp, the learning centers on three key principles:

  1. All students deserve access to standards-aligned, grade-level content.

  2. We are teaching the standards, and our instructional materials are a tool we use to do that. Knowing the standards deeply makes it easier to use our tools.

  3. We can move faster when we move together.

ANet designed Nye County’s Leaning Into Standards-Based Instruction series to build, improve, and sustain equitable instruction in K-8 ELA and math. The training will deepen educators’ understanding of the shifts and standards and deliver practical, day-to-day strategies that can improve instructional practice.

We’re excited to support our Nye County and Fort Dodge partners as they pursue their relentless focus on increasing equitable outcomes for students. You can check out the content for each of these professional learning series here.  


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