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Introducing ANet’s “Lessons From the Field”

by John Maycock

After over ten years of working with hundreds of systems and schools across the country, we want to ensure that many of our best tools, resources, and organizational knowledge are shared beyond our partner schools and passed along to all educators.

As a mission-driven nonprofit, we want to contribute as much as we can to increasing opportunity for all students, whether or not they attend a partner school.

Our team has been inspired by the successful educator practices we’ve observed—the most effective leadership moves to support teacher development and instructional practices that propel students toward college and career readiness. Now we’re sharing those ideas through our “Lessons From the Field” project.

We’ve organized these lessons, some of which you've already seen as blog posts, in a new section of our website by our main areas of focus with school leaders—everything from harnessing the power of formative assessments to fostering a culture of adult learning.

We’ve also made it a point to weave in guidance and practical tips that support what can be the trickiest part of change—the actual on-the-ground implementation of ideas.

As we continue to uncover brights spots across our partner schools, we’ll add new lessons to this site to highlight the work they’re doing to help students succeed.

I hope you’ll take these resources and share them with others, try them out with your teams, and find ways to make them even better. They’re for you—educators who are working hard to improve teaching and learning for all students.

John is the president and co-founder of ANet.


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