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Meet A Team - Meet One of Our Coaching Teams!

"The Awesome Bosses" with photos of Tiffany, Valencia, Jay, Maya, Rashid, Yalea, Michelle, Jarred and Elizabeth

Our coaches bring the human element. They serve as thought partners to leaders, share best practices learned from experience, and channel the resources of our teams of specialists. Coaching is the key to help school leaders use assessments and other data points appropriately to inform instruction across the ecosystem. Our coaches also help leaders think through the design and implementation of system-wide curriculum strategies, school-wide instructional priorities, and improvement practices.

In ANet’s job-embedded, school-based coaching partnership, our coaches work with each school’s leadership team to identify inequities that exist for students and prioritize what must change in instruction to address them. Our coaches support leaders so that they are equipped to provide the necessary direction and development for their team in order for that change to happen.

The members of this school-based coaching team managed by Coach Impact Lead Tiffany Campau are passionate about helping students. All former educators, they bring perspective and dedication into their interactions with educational leaders. This values-driven team shares their “why” for working at ANet, why educational equity is important, how their team contributes to ANet’s mission, and some of their favorite team moments.

What’s your why?

“I'm an activator!  While working as a classroom teacher, I wanted to tap into what I noticed and received feedback around regarding how I was able to connect with my peers in a way that sparked them action.  That led me to step into school administration and later, ANet as I feel like that is a critical leadership quality, being compelling enough to stir folx to action and if leveraged in a way that impacts other school leaders, might affect change in ways that truly see shifts in how students experience learning day to day.”

-James (Jay) Tillman

“I think my "Why" lives, operates, and breathes Team First, People Matter, and Advance Equity. I am values-driven, so this is what compelled me to serve at ANet.”

-Rashid Johnson

“My "why" for working at ANet is simple...I love helping leaders and teachers change trajectories for students.”

-Yalea Baughman 

“Working for ANet affords me the opportunity to work toward educational equity for ALL students and to directly coach and develop instructional leaders.”

-Maya Becton

In your own words, why do you believe educational equity is important?

“Educational equity is important because for so long, students from marginalized backgrounds have been left behind. It is time to correct that path and ensure that all students, no matter where they live, their background and etc can achieve whatever they want. We must provide them the tools to ensure they can accomplish their dreams and achieve their post-secondary successes.”

-Yalea Baughman

“Educational equity is important because ALL student deserve high-quality instruction and have access to the tools needed to be successful in life.”

-Valencia Hudson-Barnes 

“All students deserve choice-filled lives, and a key component in making that a reality is by providing rich, meaningful learning experiences that allow them to reach their full potential at each grade level.”

-Michelle Cancilla

“Why isn't it?”

-James ‘Jay’ Tillman 

How do you and your team's work impact ANet's mission?

My team is constantly reflecting on the question and gathering evidence for "how do we center on what students experience in classrooms each day?"

-Tiffany Campau

“We are in the work alongside of our leaders and their teams being thought-partners, supporting their learning needs, assisting with planning and execution of their continuous improvement plans so that students in our care experience high-quality learning opportunities”

-Michelle Cancilla

“My team members explicitly work alongside school leadership teams to strengthen their instructional practices and ground decisions in data to serve students, which is a summary of ANet's mission. The unique feature of my team with regards to this mission is that we go further by affirming, challenging, and learning from one another's approaches with school leaders in order to maximize our impact with our partners.”

-Jarred Washington 

Describe one of your favorite memories or observations of your team:

“My team has (humbly) nicknamed themselves the awesome bosses. I see the ways that each of them show up for partners and one another by building strong and positive relationships, celebrate each other and partners work, and have joy in the work they do each day.”

-Tiffany Campau

“Whenever I get to hear from others on my SQUAD share their stories about how they've helped their leaders learn something new and apply that learning.”

-Jarred Washington

“I gain so much from watching other coaches/practice.  My favorite memories are videos where leaders have ahas and are able to connect the coaching work to outcomes for students  and change in instructional practice.”

-Maya Becton

“Our collective wisdom on this team is positionless and always thought-provoking. We make it our business to learn with and alongside each other—but one of the best things this team always does is celebrate each other and our work.”

-Rashid Johnson 

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