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Meet A Team - Meet Our Partnership Management Team

1-Mar-22-2024-06-16-28-2892-PMThe most important thing we build is relationships. Our services and products work as well as they do because they’re critically supported by the human touch: close listening, empathy, and accessibility. Our presence is lasting and attentive, and our systems-focused, multi-level engagement connects assessments, coaching, and tools to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

To achieve our work with partners, we need to build lasting relationships. Our partnership management team is the connection between our services and our partners. They help educational leaders find the best ways to impact student learning and turn data into meaningful action. Between our managing directors, partnership managers, and partnership specialists, we aim to make an impact for every student in our partner schools, districts, and systems.

The members of our partnership management team are passionate about giving students the best possible education. Made up of many former educators, this team helps make sure our partners get the most actionable data to make decisions. They share their “why” for working at ANet, why educational equity is important, how their team contributes to ANet’s mission, and some of their favorite team moments in our latest Meet A Team!

What’s your why?

“I work at ANet for the opportunity to impact student learning at the systemwide and school-wide levels; to work alongside some of the brightest, most compassionate minds in the industry and always be learning from them; to be in a role that applies strategic thinking and relationship-building to a mission I believe deeply in.”


“I believe that at our best we are tool for empowering students and educators.”


“My grandmother and my mother had to drop out of school to take care of their family. Without their sacrifice, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ve committed my life to ensuring other children are able to get the highest quality education and are able to stay in school in the face of challenging situations. Working at ANet in my role allows me to ensure we are providing the highest level of service to our partners in the Northeast.”


In your own words, why do you believe educational equity is important?

“Every single person deserves an education that ignites their passions, prepares them to craft a life of their choice, and participate fully in society. No one has the right to deny that to anyone. For me, it's just that simple.”


“It is the best hope we have at leveling the playing field for everyone.”


“Every child that enters the school doors is someone's child. That child deserves the best instruction using the highest institutional materials possible regardless of the where she lives, the color of her skin, the language she speaks, or her ethnic background. We, as a society, owe our children more. We owe them, each and every one of them, abundant opportunities to succeed.”


How do you and your team's work impact ANet's mission?

“ANet affords me and my team the opportunity to improve student learning outcomes across the US -- in districts and communities both big and small. Whether we're working with principals to understand student level data and name next steps, or we're coaching a Superintendent and their Cabinet on district-wide assessment strategy, my team and I have the opportunity to influence the quality of the education students are offered. At ANet, I have a window into what's working and what isn't within countless districts in more than 25 states across the US, and my team has the opportunity to multiple best practices and elevate the leaders who are positively impacting students.”


“We are mission-driven in that our approach is always to center around the strategies, gaps, opportunities, and vision of the partners we work with.”


"We connect leaders to great coaching and other leaders across our network of schools.”


Describe one of your favorite memories or observations of your team:

“My favorite memory is actually quite recent. I joined Janine and Anna in Minneapolis to attend a partner's advocacy event, the screening of "Right to Read." We had lunch after the event, and discussed progress with our partners. Great conversation, and very meaningful way to continue to develop relationships with our partner. The next day, I joined Anna in a school visit for another meaningful conversation with an emerging school literacy about the challenges of being a Black woman leader.”


“The best moments on the Partnership Management team are when we can elevate data, learning, and insights to our partners in a way that gets them to act and lead differently.”


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