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Meet Our Engineering Team

We offer abundant, easy-to-use tools and resources that help you dig into the data and engage it to drive instructional change. From smartly designed templates and protocols, to explanatory videos, to research in specialized areas of equitable instruction, everything we offer is supported by useful tools that empower you to sustain implementation.

Behind our tools, products, and services is a dedicated and knowledgeable team who strive to create solutions for educators. Our Engineers work hard to make sure our products function the way they intend to. They drive insights and action through the creation and maintenance of high-quality formative assessment tools. Without the infrastructure that makes it sustainable for our schools to derive critical insights for instructional change, the process of improvement becomes unsustainable for educators.

We know educators can have their own jargon (how many of us know what these acronyms and terms mean–SOAR, building coherence, PLC, vertical progression). Our engineers learn to be fluent in both eduspeak and computer infrastructure coding, mapping and building, translating the engineering pieces into the education output. These digital architects and builders of processes and programs collaborate constantly with each other. They take and apply feedback from internal teams to ensure our software can consistently deliver for our users, and bake team supports and professional growth into their workflows. This talented team shares their “why” for working at ANet, why educational equity is important, how their team contributes to ANet’s mission, and some of their favorite team moments.

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