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Our vision: A world of educational equity

You can hear the passion in her voice. As Mora Segal describes ANet’s efforts to understand and address the pain points educators face in this country, her optimism is unmistakable. She, like all of us at ANet, believes positive change is possible for students and teachers.

Mora appeared on The Education Conversation with Ryan Knight, a podcast about how individuals and organizations create change in education. After more than a decade of supporting schools, ANet has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. One of our most important lessons has been that we must understand the role of race, culture, socio-economics, and privilege in schools and communities.

Meaningful, transformative change can only happen once we directly tackle the belief systems, biases, and racism that run through schools.
— Mora Segal, Former ANet CEO

The podcast is focused on ANet’s efforts to scale impact to get “the most results for the most kids.” It’s a refreshingly candid conversation that gets into some uncomfortable topics, innovative solutions, and a bit of humor.

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