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ANet responds to wifi security reports

On Oct 16th, 2017 a security vulnerability was reported in the WPA2 wireless protocol, used commonly worldwide to protect wifi networks (See, Forbes). A third party within wifi range could potentially “eavesdrop” on a wireless signal and, if the data being transmitted on that signal is not encrypted itself, data and passwords could be compromised. In some instances, users could be redirected to to a malicious site.

If a wireless network is compromised due to the WPA2 vulnerability, ANet data and related passwords will continue to be secure. All ANet products fully leverage the TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol, ensuring a private connection between our servers and anyone accessing our sites.

ANet takes the security of student and school data very seriously, and we fully acknowledge the trust our schools partners put in us to keep their data safe.

We will continue to monitor any updates regarding this specific security vulnerability as well as any future potential security issues as they relate to our services to schools. As general guidance, we always recommend our school partners keep their hardware, software, and operating systems up to date and use the latest web browser versions available.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this issue, please e-mail

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