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Local ties aid best-practice sharing at Detroit gathering

Our network of over 500 schools is a powerful resource for identifying and spreading best practices. One of the ways we leverage it is by bringing educators together for professional development or roundtable discussions, like a recent gathering of senior administrators at the Skillman Foundation in Detroit.

The extraordinary convening of principal managers from district and charter schools across the city provided an invaluable opportunity for participating educators to support one another, share effective strategies, and problem solve toward one shared end—increasing student achievement.

A deep local understanding and commitment to Detroit’s students shared by all participants — the principal managers, Skillman staff, and ANet Michigan team — provided common ground for a productive discussion.

As Skillman’s Krista Jahnke notes, “What really brings the conversation together is the simple fact that everyone in the room gets Detroit, a unique and complex place for educating children. It's the kind of understanding and connection that can only happen locally.”

“This was exciting,” adds ANet coach Ben Curran, “because Skillman and ANet managed to bring together leaders from both public and charter schools to collaborate and learn from one another. The ideas were flying around the room. This type of interactions has been rare in the Detroit area, where competition amongst stakeholders has often discouraged dialogue.” 

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