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The Mildred Avenue K - 8 School rises from Level 3 to Level 1

Among the twelve schools in the Boston Public Schools system to achieve Level 1 status this year was Mildred Avenue K–8 School, which rose to the top for meeting assessment targets. Remarkably, Mildred Avenue progressed to level one from the first percentile—the only school in Massachusetts to do so over the last five years.

ANet coach Alexis Rosenblatt attributes this exciting accomplishment to the intensity with which the team has been digging into standards, planning for and reflecting on daily rigorous tasks, and using the resulting insights to guide intervention.

It’s been thrilling to work alongside Mildred team for the past three years.
— Alexis Rosenblatt, ANet coach

Alexis added, “I’ve seen the impact that a strong leader can have in collaboration with dedicated teachers focused on improving their practices and student achievement.”

What is rigor in math?

On top of school-based professional learning, Mildred had professional development with ANet, Neighborhood House Charter School, and Boston Debate League. The three partners worked with the school to create coherent learning experiences that met teachers’ needs—improving how they connect data with rigorous, standards-based instruction and using that data to differentiate for individual students. 

The hard work paid off. For the second year in a row, Mildred Avenue has met their target for narrowing proficiency gaps. 

The team remains committed to providing rigorous instruction for their students. This year, they’re focusing on developing and delivering rigorous tasks that improve evidence-based student discourse and writing. 

Principal Andrew Rollins reflected on this recognition: “We are fortunate to have an extremely talented and committed team of teachers who are dedicated to improving their practice every day and committed to finding ways to reach all of their students. As a result, student outcomes have been accelerated, and we are extremely proud to be able to provide a very high-quality school for the community of Mattapan.”

Keep that Mildred Momentum pumping!


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