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Virtual learning tools and resources

As disheartening as it is to be here again, many schools are being forced to pivot to virtual learning in order to ensure the safety of their students, families and educators. With this in mind, we are re-elevating a series of resources aligned to virtual learning and the mindset shift that is required in order to ensure that great teaching and learning is happening, regardless of the delivery method. Many of our partners have found that these resources continue to support their instruction even once they have returned to the in-person classroom!

Additionally, we want to honor the humanity of this moment by encouraging educators to nurture both the heads and the hearts of their students as well as themselves and their colleagues; adults whose own social-emotional needs are not being met are unlikely to be able to promote social-emotional wellbeing or academic success in the students they serve. We are excited to provide educational leaders with a series of tips as well as a plethora of resources aligned to this need.

ANet Achievement Network Toolkit for teachers and educational leaders

Virtual instruction for teachers and leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some dramatic shifts in the way educators teach and learn. We are learning alongside you with the hope of being able to talk more precisely about how different elements of virtual instruction can ultimately support our drive for equitable instruction. Here is a collection of resources to provide an entry point for this learning, wherever you are in this journey

Achievement Network ANet's Head & Heart logo denoting the relationship between academic and social-emotional learning for student success

Meeting the social-emotional and professional needs of educators

Check out these tips for providing teachers with the right professional learning, tools and resources to promote their own social-emotional wellbeing and professional growth:

Build SEL into your school's foundation with the SEL for Educators Toolkit, a resource from our partners at Transforming Education.

Invest in teacher learning, professional learning, professional development
Tools and resources for teachers: strategic student data, targeting lesson planning tools, lesson plans, etc for teacher appreciation

Check out this overview and free trial of our online platform, myANet, which is a powerful tool for teachers and leaders to use to boost student learning!

Meeting the social-emotional and academic needs of students: SEL in a virtual world

Best practices for integrating social-emotional learning are not limited to the physical confines of a school building. Research-supported strategies for promoting social-emotional development within the classroom setting can and should be translated to a virtual learning environment as well.

Check out this resource from our partners at Transforming Education with resources for teachers and leaders to use as they build relationships, establish routines, and engage in reflection regarding the process of authentically embedding SEL into all aspects of their students' educational experience: SEL in a Virtual World.

ANet is proud to partner with Transforming Education to curate a selection of social-emotional learning resources, distributed monthly in our national newsletter, Learning Together, alongside tons of other great content, stories of strong practice from schools across the country, and other resources to elevate your school(s) teaching and learning. Sign up here to ensure you never miss a resource!

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