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The Common Core: A challenge, yes. But also an opportunity.

The Common Core arouses anxiety. It’s big; it’s complicated; it’s imperfect; and educators understandably worry about the changes it might require to their practice.

But we see the Common Core transition as an opportunity that we should embrace.

Our white paper offers guidance for transitioning to the Common Core.

Our white paper offers guidance for transitioning to the Common Core.

For teachers, the standards offer clear guidance and resources to make your teaching deep and powerful. They’re designed to help you foster the higher-level cognitive skills your students need to succeed beyond high school.

For schools, CCSS provides tools to plan a coherent continuum of curriculum and instruction across the grades.

And for students across the country we believe that consistent, high standards can help us advance the equity of our society. We want the same high expectations for students and educators in every state. Where you’re born should not limit your opportunities.

ANet has developed expertise around helping schools transition to the Common Core; and we’ve collected some guiding principles, best practices, and stories of schools that are seizing this opportunity in a white paper published in cooperation with the Aspen Institute. Download it here.


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