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Text talks: “I can’t imagine planning any other way.”

Aren’t book clubs great? You get to experience the story all over again with new perspective, adding more depth than when you read it by yourself. 

That’s the idea of a “text talk.” It’s a mini book club with fellow teachers that helps you prepare for teaching. 

Watch this video to hear third-grade teacher Eve Bilbrey share why she loves text talks.

"When I start the week, I'm thinking, 'We had the best discussion. The kids are going to enjoy this story.'"

But is it worth the time investment when teachers’ plates are already too full? Engaging deeply with a text before teaching it results in better lessons and richer discussions. And teachers deserve the same opportunities to share ideas and build off each others’ strategies as they provide for their students. 

Just imagine a planning session that leaves you more energized and confident for class—or don’t imagine and watch this video of a text talk!

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